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Salons Stay on Top of Metrics

Thursday, May 9th, 2019

In a poll, just under 50 percent of salons said they check their customer metrics, such as per person average, on a daily basis.

Forty-nine percent answered every day, 18 percent said they check their metrics weekly, 18 percent said they check them monthly, and 16 percent said they never check customer metrics.

Understanding your customer metrics and what each customer is spending and buying is vital to improving your overall sales numbers. How much does each customer spend per visit, per month, and per year? How frequently do they visit? How much are clients spending on lotion and add-on purchases? Are clients using both UV and sunless? How many clients are using upgrade equipment?

All of these things, and much more, are vital to know in order to start working to improve your sales. Obviously, foremost you want your customers to spend more,  but first you have to know how they’re currently spending.

As we once wrote in  Smart Tan Magazine: “We like to assume we know our customer base or what they want, but we can’t really just assume those things. And with so many ways to gather and track information about our customers, there’s no reason not to.”

When you have a detailed understanding of how your customers are spending, you can decide how to further accentuate the strengths and improve on the weaknesses. You’ll be better gear your promotions and sales, marketing, and services and products that your salespeople are pushing. This information is also crucial when considering what new products and equipment you need to invest in to make your business more profitable.