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Retail Powerhouse, Part II: Add revenue with products that complement sunless and other services

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

In Part 1 of this series in the April edition of Smart Tan Magazine, we discussed boosting retail revenue by focusing intently on selling more skin care, bath and beauty and specialty tanning products. Those categories are comprised of a nearly endless amount of options that you can offer clients that you already know care about their appearance and are willing to pay to improve it.

But, the opportunities that will help you become a retail powerhouse of a tanning business don’t end there. You can also strengthen your retail sales prowess with products related to other services you offer. Most obviously, nearly every modern tanning business offers some sort of sunless service. Just like the plethora of specialty and skin care products that complement UV tanning, there are numerous pre-, post- and long-term care products that enhance the spray tans people receive in your salon.

Self-tanning products that can be used on their own or to supplement spray tans are also big business, and growing, at beauty and big box stores, as well as in tanning salons. Self-applied tanning products are estimated to be a $180 million industry, and tanning salons are certainly getting their piece of the pie. Only one brand in the world, L’Oreal, sells more of these products than Sunless, Inc.’s VersaSpa, Mystic Tan and Norvell. Sunless Inc. has also experienced 5 percent growth per year in sales of these products, since 2011.

That’s a big opportunity, and, as the television infomercials say: “But wait, there’s more!” Many tanning businesses also offer non-tanning beauty and wellness services that present chances for easy add-on retail sales. Red light therapy and infrared services are some of the most common options, and they have dedicated products that will enhance client results as well as your profits. With other services, you might have to think a little more outside the box, but you can actually identify retail products that complement almost any service. It’s all about how you present it.

With any of these segments, the No. 1 key is to present the products as an integral aspect of the service. Most options are not so prohibitively priced that it’s not a fairly easy add-on sale, if the client believes their experience and results from the service they’re already paying for will be enhanced.

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