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Rejuvenate Your Salon’s Website

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Improve your salon’s website with these tips from the article “Fix Your Website: 5 Easy Changes.” Businesses often the mistake of spending loads of money to drive consumers to their website, but neglect the most important aspect – the website itself. Search engine marketing firm Wpromote has conducted thousands of tests for clients and found these website factors to be the most important:

  1. The ‘Submit’ Button. Avoid buttons that ask too much. Buttons with a  “low-commitment-feel,” like “Next” and “Submit” are more effective.
  2. Headline on the Page. “In general, avoid the trap of being too creative. Marketing taglines that make snazzy brand advertising rarely have a place in a successful landing page.” Be short, snappy and tell the story along with a value proposition.
  3. Limit the Navigation. Less is more when it comes to navigation on your landing page. Make sure you have enough content and information to educate users, but if you give them too many things to read, they’ll just end up distracted and confused.
  4. Keep Your ‘Selling Points’ Short. Avoid paragraphs and focus on bullet points when explaining selling points. 4-6 short, digestible bullets should be enough.
  5. Rething Your ‘Hero Image.This is the main image on your landing page alongside the headline and ‘selling points.’ First, make sure you have one. You may need to do some testing to get the exact right image, but one universal rule to follow is “people sell.” Images of happy customers are usually a safe bet.

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