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SPORTARREDO: Bringing Cutting-Edge Technologies into Everyday Life

Friday, October 17th, 2008

When Ferruccio Bonavia, president of Sportarredo, SpA, began to think about retiring from the hotel business in the late 70’s, he was looking for an activity that would still keep him busy, but give him a little more time for himself. “I was thinking of finding a business that would allow people to feel better about themselves, so I decided to start a cosmetic and healthcare business,” he explains.
Founded in 1979 in a small industrial town outside of Venice, Italy, Sportarredo made a name for itself as a leading manufacturer of high-pressure equipment. However, the company realized the importance of offering a wide range of equipment and began manufacturing low-pressure systems as well.

In 1996, after expanding its distribution network throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America, Sportarredo started distributing its products in North America. After 10 successful years, Sportarredo established its American headquarters in Chicago but moved it to Arlington, Texas in 2006.

The company’s philosophy and vision is in itself an explanation of Sportarredo’s success. As Bonavia explains, “We are scientists. We are people. We are a global tanning company that revolutionized high pressure concepts bringing cutting-edge technologies into your everyday life with style. We have a core set of values that defines the company we are and guides us toward what we aspire to become. As we grow our business globally, we are committed to putting these values in action.”

Sportarredo has always been focused on offering the newest technology to render any tanning session an unforgettable experience. But its equipment is also characterized by the Italian sense of fashion and love that makes its products unique.

The tanning industry is changing and Sportarredo is ready for the new challenge.

Sportarredo decided to redefine the approach beyond its tanning equipment and make design and technology the heart and soul of the company. The shift took place years ago, when it began to develop a new design with Lp3. The concept was to include a cultural component (made in Italy) and not only to develop nice looking beds. The products express the Italian style and the passion of the Italian people.

Developed in a record time, the new units recall Sportarredo’s experience, technology, know how and the made-in-Italy concept.

Sportarredo has the opportunity to manufacture not only stylish and quality tanning beds, but also to give unique products to the customer that are expression of the Italian lifestyle.

At the World Tanning Expo in Nashville, as a tangible sign of the commitment to the American market, Sportarredo will introduce eight new units, which cover all the market needs.

Here are a few of the units to be released:

HPO City
The new high-pressure stand up is now in the City. Designed to fit in any room thanks to the compact size, the HPO City is a technologically advanced unit with a new security system for cobalt filters (BSS). This open design unit features a high-quality audio system with MP3 capabilities and powerful ventilation for an insuperable tanning session

LP3 42/48
With the new neck tanning system developed by Sportarredo, the goal of getting a deep dark tan all over the body has moved closer and closer. The ergonomically styled acrylic gives the user almost the same comfort of a mattress unit. The new, intuitive and fully redesigned control panel with audio system and MP3 capabilities will make any session unforgettable.

Njoy Mix:
This unit has a contemporary design in grey and cherry tones. A combination of high and low pressure technology is finally available in a 4′ x 8′ unit. A wide reflecting surface and the perfect combination of high- and low-pressure lamps for extraordinary results at low operational cost is provided.

3Stars Profi 600
Did you ever think to tan while relaxing in a comfortable chair? Well the 3Stars makes it possible. This unit features three powerful high-pressure facial lamps and two hand tanners. With Sportarredo high-pressure technology you will get great tanning results while the soft touch chair provides incredible comfort.

Tropic 45
This entry-level facial tanner is a compact unit that can fit anywhere. Easy to operate, it offers great performance at a low operation cost. Efficient, safe, easy to clean and maintain, the Tropic 45 is the perfect fit for spas and busy salons.

The new MasterSun 360 and the LP2 feature integrated T-Max and both are at the forefront of technology and modern design. Please call us at 866-899-4826 for specific information about these and other Sportarredo beds.