We Are Sunshine

TODAY’S HEADLINE STORY: Smart Tan responds to beauty magazine article claiming tanning can be addictive.

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Smart Tan on Thursday responded to another beauty magazine story claiming that indoor tanning can be addictive like drugs or cigarettes — a claim that has no scientific basis but which relies on twisted studies that miss the big picture.

2008-10-17-more-on-addiction-copy.jpgThe article appeared originally in Marie Claire magazine, and was re-distributed this week on

Click here to read the article along with Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy’s response, which is also provided below.

This article misses the point entirely and, perhaps most importantly, cheapens the legitimacy of concern over real issues involving addiction.

Humans are not addicted to UV exposure. We are ATTRACTED to UV exposure. It is entirely natural because we are supposed to get regular UV exposure to be healthy.

To say anyone is addicted to UV is like saying they are addicted to air, food or water. We are naturally attracted to these things because we need them.

Consider this: Vitamin D — the sunshine vitamin — is now linked to lower risk of most cancers, heart disease and many other disorders. The reason vitamin D research is so compelling today is that the natural vitamin D blood levels necessary to achieve cancer risk reduction as indicated by hundreds of new studies are only naturally achievable through regular UV exposure. That’s because getting a suntan in a non-burning fashion will make 100 times more vitamin D than an 8-ounce glass of whole milk.

All of which is to say that Mother Nature meant for us to get regular UV exposure and the vitamin D levels that are naturally attainable only through UV exposure. Getting a tan is a natural result of that intended behavior. The author of this story doesn’t seem to get that.

Billions of dollars are made telling you to avoid the sun — much more than will ever be made by the small businesses who offer professional indoor tanning services.

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