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Using Trends in Beauty to Market Sunless

Monday, August 21st, 2023

By Jordan Kelly, New Sunshine

We all know that trends come and go, but trends in fashion and beauty can change at a quicker pace than most. It’s always fun to see old trends make a comeback (hello, flare jeans!) and new trends develop every year, even every month. It can be difficult to keep up as they continue to evolve, but trends in makeup and skincare can help you market your products and services to new and existing customers. Below are a few trends in beauty and how they can translate to your sunless offerings.

  1. Skinimalism
    This term refers to the happy medium between minimal makeup and your bare skin, and is predicted to be one of the top beauty trends for 2021. People are searching for glowy, natural, everyday makeup for a barely-there look. Cosmetic bronzing lotions and glosses can help achieve this look by evening out complexion and providing an instant bronze. Customers who do not want to commit to the maintenance of self-tanner will enjoy being able to wash off these temporary tanners at the end of the day.
  1. Body Makeup
    On the opposite end of the spectrum from the minimalist look, we have the full-coverage body makeup trend. These customers are looking for a glam, airbrushed look to conceal imperfections and get a flawless, filter-in-real-life effect. Foundation is no longer just for the face, but now has been designed to use all over the body. Make sure to include products with buildable coverage (not just buildable color) in your sunless offerings that can help blur blemishes, conceal scars, and hide cellulite or other skin insecurities. Professional sunless sprays and bronzing mists with pigments are a great way to appeal to body makeup lovers.
  2. At-Home Beauty
    Being on lockdown during a pandemic didn’t stop people from wanting to look and feel their best. In fact, it gave many of us time to focus on our wellness and create new, healthy habits at home. We had to quickly adjust our hair, nail, and other beauty routines, or learn how to achieve our goals without the help of the service providers (whom we often take for granted) due to salons being closed. Because we didn’t have the luxury of getting a professional salon spray tan, one routine that was easily transitioned to the comfort of home was self-tanning. Customers desiring to maintain their sunless color can use a full range of self-tanning products, from primers to lotions and foams, and create their own routine.
  1. Personalization
    Customization is a growing trend in beauty and wellness. Companies like Function of Beauty and Care/of allow the consumer to personalize their products, tailoring it to their specific needs. After you take a short quiz, it provides a unique product selection based on your individual beauty or health goals, and even comes printed with your name on it! Professional sunless spray tan booths give tanners the ability to personalize their spray tan! Customers can choose their desired level of color, tinted or clear solution, and other customization options like hydration boosts, fragrance selection, and more.
  2. Sunscreen
    Skincare trends are moving towards promoting healthy or healthier-looking skin, rather than hyper-focusing on anti-aging. As we know, sunscreen can help skin stay healthy by avoiding over exposure and reducing the risk of skin cancer. These products are often packed with other skin-loving ingredients as well to keep skin looking and feeling its best. Encourage customers to layer sunscreen on top of their sunless and UV tanning products! Tinted sunscreen for the face and sunscreen with added bronzers for the body are ideal options for anyone interested in giving their skin a healthy-looking glow while staying protected!