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Unbeatable Value: Welcome to the “quarter-million-dollar hallway”…

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023

Welcome to the “quarter-million-dollar hallway.”

When a first-time visitor to Sundays Sun Spa takes a salon tour, that’s how staff will often lightheartedly refer to the row of rooms filled with KBL equipment. The quarter-million dollar hallway, headlined by the KBL P9S, undoubtedly makes a striking impression. But clients are likely even more impressed to hear that they can get access to everything in that hallway, and much more, for only $78.88.

That’s the beauty of the modern tanning industry. It almost seems too good to be true that offering your clients literally the best tanning experience available anywhere in the world for an incredibly reasonable price is a highly profitable proposition.

Sundays owner Dennis Ligon knows he could charge much more for everything Sundays offers, including the best tanning equipment money can buy and seven additional spa services, but he also knows he doesn’t have to. As a 30-year tanning industry veteran and operator of 22 locations, Ligon clearly understands the economics. By pushing nearly every member to the all-access level at an unbeatable value, there’s plenty of money to be made, and members aren’t likely to walk away from all that they’re offered for such a reasonable price.

“We know we’re offering great value along with knowledge, the way we treat people, how high-end our equipment is, and we always have fresh lamps. We can feel good about it and know the value we’re providing. We do that because we want our customers to feel like we’re underpromising and overdelivering. It’s like a day spa environment at a much lower price,” Ligon says.

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